The “More” block link – make it look professional with css

I use a lot of views to display content. In the pager section of your view you have an option to include a “more” link. I like the concept but i really want more flexibility


in styling and such. So, what ended up creating is a “more” link using a little custom HTML and some CSS. First, I used the Header section of the View to add the link with simple HTML. But I also added a class selector on the link (for the images and placement). I also added a <span> tag on the text that will be displayed for the link itself. This allows me to style the text of the link separately.


Then, i created some CSS for the new class more-button-added. they are as shown:

.more-button-added {
background: url(“/sites/images/buttons/more-btn-blk.png”) no-repeat;
position: relative;
float: right;
margin: -34px -19px;
.more-button-added:hover {
position: relative;
background: url(“/sites/images/buttons/more-btn-ylw.png”) no-repeat;
float: right;
margin: -34px -19px;
text-decoration: none;

these allow the image to be inserted and moved to the appropriate spot right along with the text for the link. Now, I don’t want a More text link in addition to the image, so, i use the selector i created in <span> called .more-link-clear to style this way:

.more-link-clear {

now, the link is there, it is directly behind my image and it can’t be seen! and since it is a class and not an ID, I can use it for many of the other “more” buttons that I will place. I ended up using this technique on five different Panels panes on the front page of my site and they work really well. all of the panes are views, so i simply have to change the HTML link target to make it custom for that view. the css remains the same. very nice!

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