CKEditor – quirks and customizations

CKEditor is the best choice out there for WYSIWYG editing in the Drupal world. But there are some quirks that I am working through.

If you can’t get a custom text format to save to a textarea field of a custom content type, try adding a little whitespace to the default value of the field. Just a couple of carriage returns should do. I had to do this to get it to work for me.

Adding customizations to CKEditor. 4.x.

there are a few customizations that can be done for CKEditor from within Drupal. But some of the best ones need to be configured in the ckeditor.config.js file.

Use the link above to find many of the easter eggs in CKEditor.

Here is a good example of how to expand the editor area on your site:

*****************THIS IS FROM CKEDITOR.CONFIG.JS*****************

* Append here extra CSS rules that should be applied into the editing area.
* Example:
* config.extraCss = ‘body {color:#FF0000;}’;
config.extraCss = ”;
config.height = 350;
/* A list of plugins that must not be loaded. This setting makes it possible
* to avoid loading some plugins defined in the {@link CKEDITOR.config#plugins}
* setting, without having to touch it.

*****************END OF EXAMPLE********************************

the config.height that you see makes my editor area taller.

don’t want the strange little HTML tags in the bottom left of your editor? You can’t get rid of them in Drupal, you get rid of them from ckeditor.config.js


* **Note:** Plugin required by other plugin cannot be removed (error will be thrown).
* So e.g. if `contextmenu` is required by `tabletools`, then it can be removed
* only if `tabletools` isn’t loaded.
* config.removePlugins = ‘elementspath,save,font’;*/
config.removePlugins = ‘resize,elementspath’;
/** @cfg

*****************END OF EXAMPLE********************************

the line in bold rids you of TWO things, the resize grippie in the bottom right and the HTML elements on the bottom left. There are many other things that you can specify here. See the extensive CKEditor docs for more.

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