Views Bulk Operations and mass Taxonomies changes

I have all my new nodes in place, about 17,000 of them. And now I need to be able to tag them so the searches are easier and more relevant.

One thing I did that was smart (for a change) is to append a unique descriptor to the title of each node during creation based on the original source. So all Supreme Court cases are appended with a -SC for example. This was really key for me. Without proper data prep, it will be a mess. So plan ahead.

So, using Views Bulk Operations, I am filtering the content type that I have created for this content based on these unique values. I am then able to change the blank “term reference” field on the content type to whatever I want. Something that will be easy to search for.

A word of caution. I wasn’t able to do these changes in one large job. I had to break it up into more manageable chunks, for me about a 1000 nodes at a time. I’m not 100% sure what the issue was, I was just receiving a lot of timeouts and hung queries. So be prepared to make a few concessions on time to get the op done.

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