Apache Solr, indexed attachments and search through Drupal Views 3.x

I now have my Apache Solr Server setup and it appears that all the tales you hear in the Drupalverse about Solr being the way to go are true. But there is quite a bit of work that goes into a Solr setup unless you decide to take an outsourced route – Acquia for example.

Search for Drupal may be the least documented feature of the whole CMS. Which is kinda weird considering how important search is overall.

I plan on putting together something fairly comprehensive for the setup and implementation of Solr for Drupal including the indexing of attachments (15k PDFs, in my case) and search UI from Drupal Views 3.x. But for now, here are a few of the highlevel items for Solr running on Centos 6.4 Linux.

  • Apache Tomcat
  • Java
  • Tika (to parse documents)
  • Search API
    Solr search (for Search API) 7.x-1.2


  • Apache Solr framework7.x-1.4
        Apache Solr search 7.x-1.4
  • Attachments
  • Facets
  • Highlighting
  • Drupal Views with exposed operators for flexible searches

To be honest, it’s kind of a mess and there are many of other options than what are listed here. And the documentation is not as thorough as it might be.

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