Create an embedded video library hosted by Youtube

Youtube help videos are the only way to go these days. Text based help files? Please. no one will read them. Don’t get me wrong; you still need them, if for no other reason than to aid you in understanding the application you are developing. But you have to have video instructions. And with Youtube, the hosting is free. And with the Embed Video Field module, this is really easy.

You can see the end result here, on my anonymous, non-restricted help page. This page was built using Views and Panels to display the custom content type called Help Videos I created for this very purpose. These are the high level steps I took to create this library

  1. Create your Video Content. I used open source Cam Studio for my videos. Great product and easy to use
  2. Upload the videos to Youtube
  3. Install the Embed module and configure it to use a content type.
  4. Create a new piece of content of the content type you want to use for videos
  5. Add the “short url” for the video to the new node
  6. If you don’t see what i have below, then there is an issue with the content type you are using and the embed module configuration
  7. ImageUse Views to display the new nodes (you’ll need to play with the settings unless you have done this a lot)
  8. Use Panels to build the page 


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