Bulk Changes to Active Directory

I recently had to change 350 contact objects in a client’s Active Directory. Normally, I would have just used powershell for this sort of thinAD Modifyg. But the technet article about the change to be made also mentioned a tool that I had heard of but never used: AD Modify.net. I decided to try it out.

It’s really a GUI of sorts that will allow you to make bulk changes to AD objects from an easy to use GUI. Just connect to the AD, choose your container and the objects within, and away you can go!


In this case, I had to remove the secondary SMTP address from hundreds of contacts.

Using the easy to navigate GUI, I added all the contact objects to be altered. I was then presented with an interface very similar to that of ADUC. I added the parameters that I needed and made the changes in no time flat.

If you need the functionality of PowerShell but are intimidated by the syntax, give this nifty utility a try!



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