Exchange 2016 Tracking Log Searches

Exchange 2010 was the last iteration that included a decent message tracking log interface. Microsoft intentionally broke that wonder search app with 2013 in order to push admins to use powershell. So, when I had to track down the internal source of an email that was being sent by a job that did not appear to exist (we have dozens of applications that route mail through Exchange) I had to use PowerShell to track down the source IP.

Image result for exchange powershell


This proved not to be the easiest thing to do. I was not sure where the original source IP even resided. So, I decided to start with everything for the first query and work my way back from there. I also decided to use the wonderful | Out-Gridview feature to pipe the output to a GUI so that I could filter from there.

Here is the query to use:

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server mail01 -Start “Aug 7 2017” -sender “” -resultsize unlimited | select-object TransportTrafficType,SchemaVersion,RunspaceId,Timestamp,ClientIp,ClientHostname,





TenantId,OriginalClientIp,MessageInfo,MessageLatency,MessageLatencyType | Out-Gridview


This gave me the information that I needed. Too much information in fact, which was easily remedied by the Out-View Grid’s “Add Criteria” feature. In the end, it was the OriginalClientIP field that gave me what I needed!







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