Barracuda Expert Mode

I love the Barracuda anti spam device. I have dealt with them for years and their service and support are second to none.

Recently, I had an issue with a Cuda (it wasn’t broken, I just needed it to play nicely with a not-very-sophisticated Smartermail server) and the engineer showed me something that isn’t advertised much: the Barracuda Expert mode.

This will give you a set of controls that are not available to “normal” admins. In this case, I needed it to allow me to change the Outbound queue time from the default of 48 hours. There are other options there as well that might be of interest.

To get to the Expert Mode, add this to the very end of the url string in the address window:


and hit the Enter key. You will then see the Expert Settings option as seen below.


AntiSpam –

Time to install an ant-spam service for Drupal. Mollom is the best option here hands down. It provides anti-spam options for areas that users can post to. including unacceptable language. it also provides CAPTCHA services for a higher level of security. Take a look at the service. It is free unless you need additional services.

Installing the module is a cinch. You then will have to visit there web site and get both public and private keys to be installed on your server. There are also a few choices that you will have to make.

Mollom servers verified your keys. The services are operating correctly. – this is what you will see from drupal when you have mollom congifed with the proper keys.

I have only one form at this point – the user registration form. as soon as i enabled the registration page i began to receive spam registrations with the give away domain of, a spammy re-emailing service. So I went to the Forms tab and added the registration form to the protected forms list. More later…