Great article about design

what is my audience trying to do?

  1. gain information – others’ experience, news relevant to their experience
  2. see where loved ones are
  3. read about their lives
  4. gain understanding about the process
  5. tell themselves that i twill be ok
  6. learn about tomorrow
  7. find rides
  8. find programs
  9. find help
  10. be angry
  11. be inspired
  12. be hopeful
  13. unload their junk
  14. not entertainment

odd and ends

well, all of the little things that i had been letting slide, from clean urls, shadowbox test, openid math gmp, pecl, and others that are in other parts of this blog are now completed. a lot of work has gone into the infrastructure in the last two days, including a server that was blown up. and a corrupted drupal install. but i have learned a lot about the linux side of things and that is good. so. after my ride and shower, it will be back to work on the actual stuff. finally. 

PECL uploadprogress

do this to install and configure the upload progress module

Re: to install the PECL uploadprogress library

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Install the PHP developer package for the version of PHP you’re using. For example, in case of php5 run:
$ sudo apt-get install php5-dev

Install the PECL uploadprogress library:
$ sudo pecl install uploadprogress

Open php.ini :
$ sudo gedit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
Add the line “” to php.ini

Restart apache:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart


Clean URLs

well, i blew up my drupal install yesterday and had to drop my db, recreate it and reinstall. and that caused me to focus on something that i haven’t given enough attention to. clean urls. so now i am learning more about apache, .htaccess, apache2.conf, httpd.conf and the mod rewrite concepts. it feels like a step back but a good one in a way because i am having to learn some stuff about linux that i probably should know as an infrastructure guy. so we’ll see where it goes.

11-10-12 to do list

  1. Looks for new themes – these are some great theme ideas. it seems that i am making some progress on the whole design thing. i’m an engineer. i never have cared much about design but now that isn’t much of an option. and i have an artsy backround. so i just have to knuckle down and do it. 
  2. – some good theme ideas
  1. look for web sites that i want to emulate – this really dovetails into the module part.
  1. work on some GIMP stuff – working on that next
  2. watch football – oh yeah, vols up by 14 points