Facebook Sign on Module

Today I am going to install and configure the FB integration module. You know, where you can “sign in using facebook”. honestly, why anyone wouldn’t do this is beyond me. i believe that fb has become the de facto single sign on for the web. openid and other systems have tried this but fb has near %100 ubiquity with one billion + members. i mean. a billion members. that is nuts. one out of every seven people on earth have fb accounts?

so, i consider the regular login account registration to be a fallback. i’ve already installed this in sand and it looks ok. since there are things that have to be done on the fb side i’m running most of the setup from prod.

Production Change Request

Install updates for Organic Groups and SEO Checklist from Drupal.org

patch file ../sites/all/mods../views/modules/aggregator.views.inc with code supplied by Drupal.org from views_aggregator-category-table-498438.patch. see prev post for URL. installed in sand to correct issue with Views.

Production Change Request – Install OS Updates

This is one area of change management that is really backwards. because my hosting company is responsible for updating the OS on my server I don’t get a notification. so, i want to make sand/quality/prod the same so the patches are installed on prod first. but i am still going to follow the BPs and document the change. at least I don’t have to go in front of the Change committee anymore and have them pick it apart. Change Management in the corporate world can be such a pain….

so, here’s the proc:

yum update

confirm the new files

rpm -q centos-release

that last command must be run on sand and prod to ensure that the level is consistent.

Production Change Request – Modules and patch

Install translation_management-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz

installing this module will actually install six modules total. three for Translation Management and three for Translation Services.

This has been tested in Quality and there is a known bug that has been fixed by the installation of the patch detailed in this post. the qual patch was successful.

Resolved – Warning: Parameter 1 to icl_content_node_view

Also, Install upgrade to Organic Groups. install has been installed in quality with no issues.

Organic groups 7.x-2.0-rc2 7.x-2.0-rc3 (Release notes)

adding two new modules for multilingual capability

i have been thinking about using this blog as a change management record and am starting now. change management for production systems is critical in a biz environment. everybody like to cowboy their changes through because it is easy. but it will bite you sooner or later. or worse, bite your client. and when clients lose money, you will too. so, follow the BPs of change management and document your changes. i have a doc that we used at a client of mine where i worked for several years that I will use. but for now, i’m just going to post it. all my prod changes will be filed under the subject Production Change Request.

I plan on posting one of these whenever I make ANY change to the Prod server.

production change request:

  1. install entity translation module and title module on host docresource.org
  2. installed in quality prior to prod
  3. also disabling: content translation, Multilingual content, Multilingual forum, Synchronize translations in prod and qual in order to pursue the entity translation method.

completed 1/19/13 – no issues