Styling Drupal Table Columns

Tables can be a pain. And they can be quite a bit of pain when they are used in Drupal. I used Advanced Forum and am pretty happy with it. But there are some margin issues that really don’t seem to lend themselves to easy fixing via CSS.


I need to expand the Forum Title Column. To do this easily and effectively in Drupal, I choose the corresponding column header and expand that. This will also expand the entre

column below. Look to the examples that are illuminated in yellow. This makes it much easier to add space to an area that needs it, like a title while leaving a # visits smaller.

Forum Module, Blogs and css to come.

Since I now have the Facebook login stuff largely completed, and views and panels in pretty good shape, I’m adding some Forums. This isn’t too much of an effort although I recommend getting the advanced forum module to augment the core module. Later today I’ll be working with the multi-user blog module. I do plan on offering blogs to members who really want to contribute something meaningful. My concerns about blogging mainly center around usability. making sure that the blogs integrate well with panels. possibly through views. at this point, i’m really not sure what the best approach is. but all in all things are starting to come together.

i’ll soon focus on the css elements of the site. that will be fun and will build on some of the earlier posts about inheritance. the good thing about the adaptive themes theme that I am using is that it is fairly generic but still looks good. simple but stylish. I think that it will be a great place to implement css. i’ll also release the name of the prod site that I am working on at that point. that way, you can see how the css changes take effect. more to come.

error with conflicting modules

Well, I’ve had a fun time here in the last day and a half trying to get a resolution for the error in advanced forum module. I received good support from but the error wasn’t really with the AF at all. It was something with the panels everywhere module. I’ve reproduced it several times and there really is no doubt.

it’s disappointing, i really wanted to be able to use the panels everywhere module. But i also need to have as many options with the forum as I can get. so, panels everywhere will have to go.

glad that I made sure to have a good back up of things so I could do some comparisons. always have a backup.

error in advanced forum – resolved

I had an error in AF last night. I couldn’t see that I had done anything wrong so I submitted a support request to and I had the correct answer this morning. That’s great support and a tribute to the Drupal Community. And also to Drupal user Troky, who took the time to help a newbie out.

Here is the error

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in advanced_forum_preprocess_views_view__advanced_forum_topic_list() (line 365 of /var/www/html/sites/all/modules/advanced_forum/includes/
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in advanced_forum_preprocess_views_view__advanced_forum_topic_list() (line 366 of /var/www/html/sites/all/modules/advanced_forum/includes/

when clicking on the Forum link on the menu bar.