Advice about Menus

Menus in Drupal can be a little weird. Even with Nice Menus installed, the menu system often seems inflexible, rigid. I have frequently been tempted to create all my own menu items with paths entered manually. But that would be a big mistake. One really important tip is always to let Drupal create a menu item for you (on just about everything that you think you may want to have on a menu one day) and then assign the item to a “holding” parent menu, where it is available but “out of the way”. That way you can always go back and assign it someplace relevant to its function. And, the system will keep up with the path in case it changes, like a view that you change the path on long after its creation.

Great Post about how to build a site in Drupal

One of the toughest things about Drupal is the variety of methods you can employ in building a site. Do I use Blocks? What about Panels? Views?? Mini-Panels??? GPanels????? AHHHHH!!!!!

At this point, I am using Panels for just about everything. And I really like that. I can easily move a block around on a page. Recreate the page using the Views, Nodes, Menus, etc. that I have already defined. And then I can have variants. So that is the direction that I am taking. But, this is more art than science so there are a many correct ways to do the same thing. So what works for me won’t work as well for someone else.

Here is a blog from someone (Randall Knutson) A LOT more experienced with Drupal than I am. Worth reading if you are at the point where you are regretting using Drupal because of the learning curve. Take heart. This thing is a beast but once you tame it it is SOOOOO cool.


Today, I am going to spend some time learning more about Views. I think that understanding Views is critical. Not just the basics, but the overall capabilities so that when you do your initial Views design you can make that it is going to scale properly, give you the max flexibility later. I’ll be doing a lot of reading and will post some of the things that I find.

First thing. I have 15 Views for Aggregator items from RSS Feeds. Each View is filtering a category. But, if I delete the individual Views, create one Master View and create subviews under the one Master View, then I keep the UI tidier and I have better control over all those categories’ Views because the Master CAN override the individuals. That way I can make global changes. At least, that’s the thought.


Global: Result summary (Results Returned) – i wanted to have this but didn’t know where. Shows the total of a Views based query. I expose the Body in the Filter Criteria and then allow the user to input text to search for. it now show number of results.
Pretty happy with this. And using a hierarchical style of creating Views is a good idea because of the centralized control.
I have some other things that I am going to do with Views later but for now, I’m good. On (back) to Multilingual.