Breadcrumbs – Path Breadcrumbs, Disable Breadcrumbs and more

You wouldn’t think that BCs would be such a sore subject, but in Drupal, apparently they are.

I have pretty simple needs for my BCs; I really only need them on the Forums pages. and the ones that come with the core are pretty limited. I think that I have come up with a pretty good workaround.

I am using the Path Breadcrumbs and the Disable Breadcrumbs modules. I use the DB module’s Disable All feature to completely get rid of the core crumbs and the Path mod to set the ones that I do need.

I also looked at Custom Breadcrumbs as well and it certainly has a great install base, but the documentation seems to be really light.

There is a nice CodeKarate video for Path that helped me quite a bit. Frankly, I’m getting a bit tired of slogging my way through modules that are powerful but difficult to implement and poorly documented as well. Drupal is already tough enough.


Disable Breadcrumbs Module

Breadcrumbs can be useful. But for me, they just seem to get in the way. Since I want command over all stylistic aspects of my site, I just want to get rid of the pesky things. And there is a module for that – Disable Breadcrumbs. There are per page options that didn’t work very well for me. It seemed to be a little inconsistent. But the overall disabling of all breadcrumbs seems to work just fine.