VI Editor and Cron

One thing about the last post. To edit the cron file, you will need to use VI editor, which can be a little tricky if you’ve never used it.

As far as Centos goes, from the command line type:

  • crontab -e
  • Shift-i for INSERT – a confirmation of which  you will see at the bottom left.
  • Type the characters you need.
  • When done, hit Esc.
  • Shift-zz (capital Zs) to save the file. The command line will reappear with a message about the crontab.

That’s it. VI is a goofy tool but it has been around forever and isn’t going anywhere, so learn it. At least the basics.

PECL Upoadprogress

You may have seen this missing in your status report. I have finally gotten around to installing this. there are a few things that I had to do.

this is a great link. read it. there is a lot of confusion because drupal tells you you need it but doesn’t really tell you how to enable it. that’s because it is really a function of the os. but the link will tell you what to do.

this is another good link on PECL.

Production Change Request – Install OS Updates

This is one area of change management that is really backwards. because my hosting company is responsible for updating the OS on my server I don’t get a notification. so, i want to make sand/quality/prod the same so the patches are installed on prod first. but i am still going to follow the BPs and document the change. at least I don’t have to go in front of the Change committee anymore and have them pick it apart. Change Management in the corporate world can be such a pain….

so, here’s the proc:

yum update

confirm the new files

rpm -q centos-release

that last command must be run on sand and prod to ensure that the level is consistent.

CentOS 6.3, VMWare Player, Drupal

well, i am making progress and moving forward. I am now getting ready to start on my prod site. i still have a lot of learning left to do but i need to move forward with the real deal.

i have the best hosting provider there is – Blackmesh. they are based out of the DC area and they are really a top class act.

they run all their drupal stuff on centos. i have been using ubuntu desktop 12.04 for all my dev work so far but the time has come to go back to the command line and use the same OS for the sandbox that i will be using in prod.

so i’m learing linux commands again. no desktop to fall back on. i was an AIX admin years ago so this isn’t too bad. but it is new and therefore will warrant some space on this site.

centos has networking turned off by default. here is a good link about that.

make sure the the onboot option is set to yes. learn vi editor if you don’t know it. BTW, it sucks. but here is a link for its commands

then you can install the packages that you need. i also had some trouble getting centos installed on vmware player but i was able to work around them with some google searches. you need to get the centos iso minimal install file AND, when you create the vm, don’t install the os with the initial wizard, just choose don’t install os, then go back and do it. do specifiy in vmware that you will be using centos though.