How to find out what font you are looking at.

Chrome has a great extension for that allows you to click on any web page’s text and see details about the font that is being used. very cool. similar to the tool that allows you to see what color you are looking at. very nice. free from the extensions in the Chrome store.

WhatFont 2.0.2

The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.


Subtheming, CSS and template files

I’m finally at a point that i’ve wanted to be at for a long time. and, as usual for me, as soon as I ask for help with something, i figure it out.

on my sand/prod sites, i configured a “title” in a block. i then kind forgot that i had the title in the block and looked at its appearance as the result of the site information. then, using the tools that i described i changed the css. and, although i expected only the one element to be changed, i found that all the block titles were changed. but, that’s by design and is just the result of my ignorance of the way Drupal works. But now I know better. I am going to post what i did in a new post. i think it might really be beneficial.

Drupal 7 Presentation – Firebug

Do yourself a favor if you plan on subtheming and install Firefox and Firebug. Google it and read about it and you’ll see why this is such a critical tool for subthemers…

Do yourself another favor and also try Chrome’s Developer tools. you can right click on an element and see all the fun stuff behind it. including the css inheritance. i like chrome more than ff. it’s just faster. even though it is a little big brother-ish. which it is…. but i still like it.

and, i wish that ie would just go away. what a piece of monkey junk….