Search the Registry Better with RegScanner

Anyone who has ever had to clean up a badly failed Exchange install (for example) can attest to how sorely lacking

the Regedregscannerit.exe’s search feature really is. You can only search for one term at a time and the results are a simple sequential list, one result at a time.

Today, I was searching for a key or a value in the registry, and I wasn’t even 100% sure of what I was looking for or what specific Base Key it was even in. I needed a better tool than Regedit.

So, I found RegScanner! A 68k free ware utility that allows searches based all sorts of criteria:

  • Date
  • Multiple search terms
  • Granular Key location search
  • Shift-click select for deleting multiple results
  • And more!

This utility really helped me out. So, for better, more efficient registry searches, download RegScanner today!