Drupalchat – Completed

well, i have finally gotten what i need out of this. And I didn’t need the Flag and/or Flag Friend mods. The Drupalchat with User Relationships mods were all that i needed. Now, users can access the public chatroom. if they see a user they want to talk privately with, they can click that user’s name in the chat window. This will bring up some of the properties of the user’s account and there will also be a “relationship” button. they can click it, there is only one option, Friends, and when that user accepts, they will be on each other’s buddy list. this all works as designed but I didn’t have the permissions set up properly and the “relationship” button didn’t show up at first. By then I had already installed all the flag crap which didn’t do what I wanted anyway. but now, it is done and it works well.

Install Flag and Flag Friend Modules

I have these installed in Sand and they are fine. These will expand the features of Drupalchat, User Relationships and Invite Modules.

I am enabling all four below.

Flag 7.x-2.0 Create customized flags that users can set on content.

Required by: Flag actions (disabled), Flag friend (disabled), Flag friend access control (disabled)
Flag actions 7.x-2.0 Execute actions on Flag events.

Requires: Flag (disabled)
Flag friend 7.x-1.0-alpha9 Flag users as friends. Implements it’s own flag and a form for sending a user a message upon flag.

Requires: Flag (disabled)
Required by: Flag friend access control (disabled)
Flag friend access control 7.x-1.0-alpha9 Allows users to specify that only their friends can view this piece of content

Requires: Flag friend (disabled), Flag (disabled)