Translation Management Error – Adding Content

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$nid in icl_content_nodeapi() (line 1000 of […]sitesallmodulestranslation_managementicl_contenticl_content.module).

I had been receiving this error when I went to add a forum topic. and a blog topic. I did a little research and see that translation management has had trouble for a while. So, I need to get rid of this error. But i also see that the module was going to be rewritten in a sprint a year ago. the state is ambiguous at this point and i don’t want to get stuck tracking it down. so i went to translation services module and disabled the “content” submod of translation management and the error is gone. that’s good enough for me now.

Errors from translation_management-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz

This file actually installs six modules that appear in two different sections of the filtered module manager. and there is a known bug that I found in quality and fixed. But then, in going through the workflows and different features i found many errors. I’m sure that some might be because of something that I am doing that is not too bright but I don’t like messing up my Prod environment so I am rolling back the change.

also, I have created a true sandbox (referred to as “sand”) environment to mess up based on CentOS and not on Ubuntu Desktop. I’m actually going to put the Ubuntu environment in cold storage, meaning to a slower non-prod drive.  if i lose it it won’t make much of a difference anyway. and i am irked that there are so many errors. TEST, TEST, TEST. make your bed in the morning and wash your face. brush your teeth. I can’t emphasize enough the value of true regression testing in environments that match prod but AREN’T prod.