Facebook login – read only access

There is no two ways about the fact that FB login is critical for me. No body wants more creds to remember on the internet. But I also want to take steps not to make it too easy for people to post when they might not really need to. and that will also help keep spammers away.

A FB user is an authenticated user by default. So what I have done is create a Role callled Content Creator (or whatever you want) that has more access. I have changed permissions on the four main content types that can be created by users on the site to reflect this.

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Research (a custom type)
  • Member Galleries (another custom type)

with the new Role, users can add to these types. But they have to apply for this additional status. There are many ways to do this and using Rules, I believe that it can be automated. I may do that eventually, but for now I am just allowing folks to send me a system message via Drupal asking for access. But this was a really easy way to grant a graduated level of access.

Drupal to Twitter – Complete (and to Facebook too!)

Wow, I am finally done with this. I now have my categorized RSS feed going straight to a Twitter account and a Facebook account. Both of these accounts are specific to my web site but that doesn’t really matter. And the real key to getting this to work is Twitterfeed.com. This is a free service that will take RSS feeds and consolidate them into Twitter, FB, Linkedin, there are a couple others too, I believe. But Twitter and FB are enough for me.

The Twitterfeed part wasn’t too bad to connect but it did require some tweaking to get it to work with what I have properly. If you decide to use Twitterfeed.com, be aware that the advanced options are more likely to need tweaking than advanced options usually are.

And what do I have?

  • 50+ RSS Sources from all over the state of TN in the USA.
  • 15 Categories configured in the Drupal Core Aggregator module. I am not using Feeds at all; it isn’t flexible enough for this case.
  • 1000 individual news stories that come in every day from these RSS Sources.
  • A Drupal View that displays the News items that I categorize as they come in.
  • An RSS “Feed” of that View that is available via http://docresource.org/news/24-twitter. This is a part of Views. Click Add, and click Feed.
  • A twitter feed – @docresource and FB account – DOCResource that need to get the same info that the View displays

The Twitter module was not needed to do this. Just Views and the Core Aggregator module. There are good reasons to use the Twitter mod; they just don’t apply here.

Facebook Sign on Module

Today I am going to install and configure the FB integration module. You know, where you can “sign in using facebook”. honestly, why anyone wouldn’t do this is beyond me. i believe that fb has become the de facto single sign on for the web. openid and other systems have tried this but fb has near %100 ubiquity with one billion + members. i mean. a billion members. that is nuts. one out of every seven people on earth have fb accounts?

so, i consider the regular login account registration to be a fallback. i’ve already installed this in sand and it looks ok. since there are things that have to be done on the fb side i’m running most of the setup from prod.