Troubleshoot Compatibility to Fix older programs running on Windows 10

I have had a lot of issues with Windows 10, mainly revolving around performance and compatibility of certain programs. With Google recent announcement that SilverLight will no longer be supported, I decided to make the move to Firefox (again).

But I found the FF had performance issues too, revolving around typing lags in text fields. This is what I did to fix it.compat

Right-click on the shortcut and choose Troubleshoot Compatibility. Normally, this is something that I would rate up there with Windows Help as being effective. But in this case, it completely fixed my issue!

Here is the generated log from the process


PrintProgram Compatibility Troubleshooter Publisher details:
Issues found  – Incompatible ProgramIncompatible Program, firefox is incompatible. Fixed Fixed
Fix program firefox Completed
Issues found Detection details – 6 Incompatible Program Fixed Fixed
firefox is incompatible.
Fix program firefox Completed

Provides steps to fix the incompatible program.
InformationalCompatibility Mode
Compabitiliy modes applied:
User verification: Fix worked

Detection details Expand: Collection information
Computer Name:  #$%$#@@@
Windows Version: 10.0; Architecture: x64; Time: Friday, November 20, 2015 7:09:18 AM

Publisher details Expand
Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
Find and fix problems with running older programs on this version of Windows.
Package Version: 1.5; Publisher: Microsoft Windows; Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
Find and fix problems with running older programs on this version of Windows; Package Version: 1.5; Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

More fun with CSS – Use Firebug, Firefox and Aptana

Well, I can say it: I am not good at design. I can make the tech stuff work. I can figure out all the strange little details, but I can’t look at a bunch of text and decide how to make it pretty. So, like all non-artistic people, I’m going to copy someone else’s work. I have a few ideas but they are going to take time.

So, CSS and Drupal. It isn’t too bad ONCE YOU GET USED TO USING FIREBUG. If you haven’t used this tool yet, go get it. Now. Then come back. Greatest tool for doing design ever. Let’s you test out chang

es on the fly. Which is great because there are so many choices with CSS. So, get Firebug. And, get Aptana code editor. It is free and there are integrations with Firebug. I believe that the best browser to use is Firefox. I usually prefer Chrome but Firebug just seems to work better with Firefox. Anyway, here is a SS of the integration offered with this set up:learn drupal firebug

As you can see, I can move right into the selector for the element that I want to work with from Firebug. I can then right click on the CSS file and open it directly into Aptana. Very nice. I can then FTP the altered CSS to my server via SSH and I am rolling.

Drupal, CSS, Firebug & Aptana

learn drupal docresource

Well, I finally have been able to start with the CSS portion of my site. I am using Firefox with Firebug to assist me. This combo works really well with Aptana Code Editor, my favorite open source editor.

I have a couple of ss to show what to do on a really basic level. if you right click an element you want to know about and choose inspect with firebug, you’ll get a whole bunch of info about it. You can also click the rectangle in the red oval in the top pic and choose to inspect it that way. You

learn drupal docresource

will see the element that you want to inspect in the blue rectangle as above, also in the red oval.

look to your right now and you will see how you can change the element on the fly by altering the css in the bottom right hand window. Notice that I have changed the font of the element to Arial. This way you can test out your changes and then make them to the correct place in prod when you are happy with it. Of course, FB will do a lot more than this but a good start is a good start.

This is a good reference for CSS from

Drupal 7 Presentation – Firebug

Do yourself a favor if you plan on subtheming and install Firefox and Firebug. Google it and read about it and you’ll see why this is such a critical tool for subthemers…

Do yourself another favor and also try Chrome’s Developer tools. you can right click on an element and see all the fun stuff behind it. including the css inheritance. i like chrome more than ff. it’s just faster. even though it is a little big brother-ish. which it is…. but i still like it.

and, i wish that ie would just go away. what a piece of monkey junk….