Mobile Testing – Free Tools

Here is another site that will provide you with many options for styling your site at several different screen widths/heights. What I really like about this site is that it shows so many resolutions on one page.

While this will be more of a distraction (info overload) if you are just starting to style a site for mobile devices, it is really nice once you have most of the changes in place and want to see what the site looks like on a wide variety of devices at a glance.

How to find out what font you are looking at.

Chrome has a great extension for that allows you to click on any web page’s text and see details about the font that is being used. very cool. similar to the tool that allows you to see what color you are looking at. very nice. free from the extensions in the Chrome store.

WhatFont 2.0.2

The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.


Multilingual update – Microsoft Translate widget

I am basically done translating the interface into spanish from english. and it really was much easier than I expected. i used to help me with the translations that i had to do manually. the user can get spanish from the start if the account is setup that way or they can choose spanish or english from the language switcher drop down.

So that takes care of the interface. and that is a huge deal. but I really want to provide a relatively easy way to translate the huge amount of content that the site warehouses. So I am looking at The MS Translator Widget. It is a free javascript widget that should be easy to integrate with your site. When I figure out how to do it I will post the solution here.