Form requirements

well, i have some things that have to be assessed.

Forums – most of this is already in place

chat rooms – see for this one

private messages

Blogs – for individual members

Pics/gallery – pics of the indiv prison, members, etc

polls – what is the hardest

birthdays – look for a module


resources – forum but with the category of resources – jobs, etc

search – search the site

ads – spaces/blocks/regions

chat – find module

taxonomy – beging the vocab

Learn GIMP

i have a confession. i have a really bad habit. i use mspaint. a lot. i have used it for about 20 years and it has made me insufferably lazy because when it comes down to it, it sucks. you can’t do much with it at all. so, i am learning GIMP as a part of this ongoing learning process. unless you have the money for photoshop, get a copy of free GIMP and start learning. being a competent drupal developer means being able to do at least some image manipulation. so learn GIMP and do yourself a favor.