Data Migration

Since I have been working extensively with syncing three separate but identical environments (Production, Quality and Sandbox) I’ve also been doing a lot of work with data migrations. migrating-to-drupal-7
Migrate data

There are different methods and tools that work for different situations and it’s been difficult to get a handle on what will work best for a particular job.

I’ve been able to export tables straight out of phpmyadmin and import them to the new sites in a few cases. But what about larger migrations? One of my big concerns with Drupal is the large differences between major versions. How do you go from 6 to 7? What if I want to take this WordPress blog and put it in Drupal?

I’ve read many different books on Drupal and found that this one looks promising for migrating content. It’s from Packtpub and contains many useful suggestions about available tools and how to use them. Check this one out if you need a road map to migrate a lot of data.

Import/export Aggregator feeds part II

well, i now have it running in prod and there were a few minor differences that i wanted to document.

since i don’t have an X window type desktop, i had to access the phpmyadmin via a remote web browser. so, i had to change the file /etc/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf in three places to allow connections from all instead of just localhost. i was then able to access the web gui, import the file, and test the aggegator feeds. i had to chanmge som permissions as well to be able to access the file so i could edit it remotely. i could have done it locally via VI Editor, but i hate that thing. it sucks. so after the changes were made i made sure to change the perms back as well as change the file itself so that attempting to access the phpmyadmin gui from the remote host yielded again a “forbidden” error.

import/export aggregator sources – drupal 7 core module

So i have my three environments setup and i am moving module settings from sandbox to quality. i have dozens of aggregator sources that i need to move. and i don’t want to reenter them manually. so i am using phpmyadmin to export the table to an sql file and then import it.

well, i made this work. it was a bit of a pain but not too bad. i had to install phpmyadmin on my sandbox server and export the proper table (aggregator_feed) to a sql file. i then sneakerneted the file to the new server. i had to install phpmyadmin on that server too. that was a bit more work. once i had it installed i was unable to access it without changing the root mysql user from ‘blank’ (no password) to ‘something’ (one of my password defaults). then i was able to import the sql file into the drupal db. since this is a core mod, i didn’t have to do anything to get the file to import properly. then, since i had had changed the password of the user that drupal runs under, i had to change that in the settings.php file used by drupal. done and done and it only took a couple hours.