Subtheming, CSS and template files

I’m finally at a point that i’ve wanted to be at for a long time. and, as usual for me, as soon as I ask for help with something, i figure it out.

on my sand/prod sites, i configured a “title” in a block. i then kind forgot that i had the title in the block and looked at its appearance as the result of the site information. then, using the tools that i described i changed the css. and, although i expected only the one element to be changed, i found that all the block titles were changed. but, that’s by design and is just the result of my ignorance of the way Drupal works. But now I know better. I am going to post what i did in a new post. i think it might really be beneficial.

Core CSS Files and Drupal Inheritance

So I am exploring subtheming. and because i am a bit OCD, i have to understand the whole underlying thing. so i have been looking at the core files; not to hack but to see what the overrides and intercepts are actually affecting. Here are the core CSS files in   Drupal 7







then, if you enable the stark theme, you will see a little bit more styling. stark contains:


if you remove the reference to the css file for stark in the .info file you will see what the default css styling looks like. this helped me to see, literally, the consequence of the styling in layout.css. and since i am a monkey, i need to see it… and because i am an idiot.