SEO Checklist

Today has been pretty productive in regards to the SEO checklist. I spent many hours on this today. Here is what I have done.

  1. Install Administration menu module – Easy choice.
  2. Install Elements module. – No. Don’t believe I’ll need it at this point.
  3. Install Security Review module – Security is good. installed
  4. Install Module Filter module – Should be core.
  5. Configure Page Title module – Doing this instead of Meta tags.
  6. Google/Bing stuff – Do it all. Including the analytics stuff. Why not? I’ve had Google and Live IDs for years now anyway.
  7. Install Context Keywords module – not but sounds really cool. Present differnet options based on what they searched for.
  8. Install Meta tags – No.
  9. Install Scheduler module – Easy choice.
  10.  Install HTML Purifier module. – Not enough people use it yet.
  11. Install Search 404 module – Yes. Cool mod.
  12. Install SEO Compliance Checker module – No
  13. Install Read More Link module – No
  14. Validate and check broken links – don’t have enough content to do this now. Will do it later.
  15. Submit site to search engines – Bing and Google.  I didn’t have to do this in all the ways that the modules do. I have access to the html root so I just uploaded the verification file myself.
  16. Install AddThis module – only one that i went with for Social Media. There are several choices. I believe this one to be the best.

Read all that you can on this stuff. the list is great but you need to be educated on the subject to do it properly.

Tomorrow, I configure Mollom. I’ve done it before and it isn’t too bad.

Production Change Request – Modules for SEO

Install New Modules for SEO and others (Listed below – Each is a separate module)

OK, this is a lot more involved than I thought it would be on the front end. I am going to install all these in the ole sandbox and see what happens first. Install on Prod later.

this has turned into a major deal. installing these 23 modules installs around 65 total modules and submodules that must be evaluated and enabled. i am copying and pasting what i am enabling below.

i’ve checked over everything and it all looks ok so far. the enabled submods are listed below. but Prod has not been done; that will have to wait until i feel ok about all this stuff.

I have 149 of 182 modules/submodules installed

                                                                                                                                           S       P

  1. SEO Checklist
  2. Checklist API
  3. Elements
  4. Security Review
  5. Page Title                                                                                                                         
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google Analytics Tokenizer
  8. Context Keywords
  9. Meta tags                                                                                                                         
  10. Meta Tags Quick
  11. Scheduler module.
  12. HTML Purifier module.
  13. Search 404 module
  14. SEO Compliance Checker module.                                                                       
  15. Site verification
  16. XML Sitemap
  17. AddThis module.
  18. Service links module.                                                                                                 
  19. Share Buttons (AddToAny) module.
  20. Facebook social plugins integration module.
  21. Follow module.
  22. Mollom module
  23. Boost                                                                                                                                 
AddThis 7.x-4.0-alpha1 provides an easy way to share your content across the web.

Requires: Block (enabled), Field (enabled), Field SQL storage (enabled)
Required by: AddThis Displays (disabled)
AddThis Displays 7.x-4.0-alpha1 Adds the AddThis display types to render several basic types of AddThis buttons.

Requires: AddThis (disabled), Block (enabled), Field (enabled), Field SQL storage (enabled)
 x AddToAny 7.x-4.0 Helps readers share, bookmark, and email your articles and pages using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, and over 100 more using the Lockerz Share / AddToAnywidget.
 x Basic SEO Rules 7.x-1.5 Basic rules for the SEO compliance checker module

Requires: SEO Compliance Checker (disabled)
Basque Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Basque Services: Zabaldu, Bildu, Aupatu

Requires: Service links (disabled)
Book 7.19 Allows users to create and organize related content in an outline.
Boost 7.x-1.0-beta2 Caches generated output as a static file to be served directly from the webserver.
 x Checklist API example 7.x-1.0-beta4 Provides an example implementation of the Checklist API.

Requires: Checklist API (enabled)
 x Context Keywords 7.x-1.0-beta1 Provides conditional contexts based on the keywords from the referring search engine.

Requires: Context (enabled), Chaos tools (enabled)
Dutch Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Dutch Services: eKudos, Hyves, Nujij

Requires: Service links (disabled)
 x Elements 7.x-1.2 Provides a library of Form API elements.
Entity Translation 7.x-1.0-beta2 Allows entities to be translated into different languages.

Requires: Locale (enabled)
Required by: Entity Translation Menu (disabled), Entity Translation Upgrade (disabled)
Entity Translation Menu 7.x-1.0-beta2 Allows menu items to be translated on the entity form.

Requires: Entity Translation (disabled), Locale (enabled), Internationalization (enabled), Variable (enabled), Menu translation (enabled), Menu (enabled), String translation (enabled), Translation sets (enabled)
Entity Translation Upgrade 7.x-1.0-beta2 Provides an upgrade path from node-based translation to field-based translation.

Requires: Entity Translation (disabled), Locale (enabled)
 x Extra functionality 7.x-2.7 Automatic settings for meta tags (quick)

Requires: Meta tags (quick) (disabled), Taxonomy (enabled), Options (enabled), Field (enabled), Field SQL storage (enabled)
Farsi Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Farsi services: Balatarin, Donbaleh, Friendfa, Viwio.

Requires: Service links (disabled)
Favorite Services 7.x-2.1 Add the page in your favorite, work with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera

Requires: Service links (disabled)
 x fb social 7.x-2.0-beta4 Provides integration with Facebook social plugins

Requires: Chaos tools (enabled)
 x Follow 7.x-1.0-alpha1 Add sitewide and per user links to social network profiles.
 x General Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Services: Blinklist, Box,, Digg, Diigo, Facebook, Furl, Google Bookmark, Google Buzz, Icerocket,, Linkedin, Mister Wong, Mixx, MySpace, Newsvine, Newskicks, Phing this, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Technorati favorite, Twitter, Yahoo Bookmark

Requires: Service links (disabled)
German Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the German Services: Alltagz, Colivia, Icio, InfoPirat, Linkarena, MeinVZ, Mister Wong, Netselektor, Oneview, Readster, seekXL, SeoIGG, Weblinkr, Webnews, Xing, Yigg

Requires: Service links (disabled)
 x Google Analytics 7.x-1.3 Allows your site to be tracked by Google Analytics by adding a Javascript tracking code to every page.
 x Google Analytics Tokenizer 7.x-1.3 Converts the Google Analytics cookie into useful token values.

Requires: Token (enabled)
GTranslate 7.x-1.9 Uses Google power to translate your web site.
 x HTML Purifier 7.x-1.0 Filter that removes malicious HTML and ensures standards compliant output.
Hungarian Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Hungarian Service: iWiW

Requires: Service links (disabled)
ICanLocalize translation service 7.x-1.0-beta1 Localization of content using the ICanLocalize translation service.

Requires: Core (enabled), Content translation (enabled), Locale (enabled), Content (enabled), Translate (enabled)
Italian Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Italian Services: Diggita, Meemi, OkNotizie,, TechNotizie, Wikio, ZicZac

Requires: Service links (disabled)
Keyword Rules 7.x-1.5 Keyword rule checks for the SEO compliance checker module

Requires: SEO Compliance Checker (disabled)
Local translation service 7.x-1.0-beta1 Localization of content using local translators.

Requires: Core (enabled), Content translation (enabled), Locale (enabled), Content (enabled), Translate (enabled)
 x Meta tags 7.x-1.0-beta4 Adds support and an API to implement meta tags.

Requires: Token (enabled), Chaos tools (enabled)
Required by: Meta tags: Context (disabled), Meta tags: Dublin Core (disabled), Meta tags: Open Graph (disabled), Meta tags: Twitter Cards (disabled)
 x Meta tags (quick) 7.x-2.7 Meta tags support build using FieldAPI/EntityAPI

Required by: Extra functionality (disabled), Upgrade from nodewords (disabled)
 x Meta tags: Context 7.x-1.0-beta4 Assigned Meta tags using Context definitions, allowing them to be assigned by path and other criteria.

Requires: Context (enabled), Chaos tools (enabled), Meta tags (disabled), Token (enabled)
Meta tags: Dublin Core 7.x-1.0-beta4 Provides the fifteen Dublin Core Metadata Element Set 1.1 meta tags from the Dublin Core Metadata Institute.

Requires: Meta tags (disabled), Token (enabled), Chaos tools (enabled)
 x Meta tags: Open Graph 7.x-1.0-beta4 Provides support for open graph meta tags.

Requires: Meta tags (disabled), Token (enabled), Chaos tools (enabled)
x Meta tags: Twitter Cards 7.x-1.0-beta4 Provides support for Twitter’s Card meta tags. NOTE: Only use if the site supports SSL as all URLs *must* be secured via HTTPS.

Requires: Meta tags (disabled), Token (enabled), Chaos tools (enabled)
OpenID 7.19 Allows users to log into your site using OpenID.
 x Page Title 7.x-2.7 Enhanced control over the page title (in the <head> tag).

Requires: Token (enabled)
PHP filter 7.19 Allows embedded PHP code/snippets to be evaluated.
Polish Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Polish Services: Blip, Wykop, Sledzik

Requires: Service links (disabled)
Russian Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Russian Services (12+3): 100zakladok, Ruspace, Mister Wong, Memori, Moemesto, MyScoop, Vaau, Yandex, LinkStore, Bobrdobr, Lopas, Communizm, Newsland, News2, Smi2

Requires: Service links (disabled)
 x Scheduler 7.x-1.0 This module allows nodes to be published and unpublished on specified dates and time.
 x Search 404 7.x-1.2 Automatically search for the keywords in URLs that result in 404 errors and show results instead of Page-Not-Found.

Requires: Search (enabled)
 x Security Review 7.x-1.0 Site security and configuration review module.
 x SEO Compliance Checker 7.x-1.5 Checks the SEO compliance of a node at it’s creation/modification

Required by: Basic SEO Rules (disabled), Keyword Rules (disabled)
 x Service links 7.x-2.1 Module engine for add various service links about sharing networks to nodes.

Required by: Basque Services (disabled), Dutch Services (disabled), Farsi Services (disabled), Favorite Services (disabled), Forward Services (disabled), General Services (disabled), German Services (disabled), Hungarian Services (disabled), Italian Services (disabled), Polish Services (disabled), Print Services (disabled), Russian Services (disabled), Service Links Displays (disabled), Service Links Share (disabled), Service Links Sprites (disabled), Spanish Services (disabled), Swedish Services (disabled), Widget Services (disabled)
 x Service Links Sprites 7.x-2.1 Add the ability to handle sprites with Service Links

Requires: Service links (disabled)
 x Site Verification 7.x-1.0 Verifies ownership of a site for use with search engines.
 x Spanish Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Spanish Services: Barrapunto, Fresqui, Latafanera, Meneame, Tuenti

Requires: Service links (disabled)
 x Statistics 7.19 Logs access statistics for your site.
Swedish Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Swedish Services: Bloggy, Pusha

Requires: Service links (disabled)
Testing 7.19 Provides a framework for unit and functional testing.
Toolbar 7.19 Provides a toolbar that shows the top-level administration menu items and links from other modules.
Upgrade from nodewords 7.x-2.7 Transform nodewords data to Drupal 7 fields

Requires: Meta tags (quick) (disabled)
 x Widget Services 7.x-2.1 Provide the Widgets: Digg Smart Button, Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Google Plus One, Linkedin Share Button, Twitter

Requires: Service links (disabled)
 x XML sitemap 7.x-2.0-rc2 Creates an XML sitemap conforming to the protocol.

Required by: XML sitemap custom (disabled), XML sitemap engines (disabled), XML sitemap internationalization (disabled), XML sitemap menu (disabled), XML sitemap node (disabled), XML sitemap taxonomy (disabled), XML sitemap user (disabled)
 x XML sitemap custom 7.x-2.0-rc2 Adds user configurable links to the sitemap.

Requires: XML sitemap (disabled)
 x XML sitemap engines 7.x-2.0-rc2 Submit the sitemap to search engines.

Requires: XML sitemap (disabled)
 x XML sitemap internationalization 7.x-2.0-rc2 Enables multilingual XML sitemaps.

Requires: XML sitemap (disabled), Internationalization (enabled), Locale (enabled), Variable (enabled)
 x XML sitemap menu 7.x-2.0-rc2 Adds menu item links to the sitemap.

Requires: XML sitemap (disabled), Menu (enabled)
 x XML sitemap node 7.x-2.0-rc2 Adds content links to the sitemap.

Requires: XML sitemap (disabled)
 x XML sitemap taxonomy 7.x-2.0-rc2 Add taxonomy term links to the sitemap.

Requires: XML sitemap (disabled), Taxonomy (enabled), Options (enabled), Field (enabled), Field SQL storage (enabled)
 x XML sitemap user 7.x-2.0-rc2 Adds user profile links to the sitemap.

Requires: XML sitemap (disabled)

Production Change Request – Modules and patch

Install translation_management-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz

installing this module will actually install six modules total. three for Translation Management and three for Translation Services.

This has been tested in Quality and there is a known bug that has been fixed by the installation of the patch detailed in this post. the qual patch was successful.

Resolved – Warning: Parameter 1 to icl_content_node_view

Also, Install upgrade to Organic Groups. install has been installed in quality with no issues.

Organic groups 7.x-2.0-rc2 7.x-2.0-rc3 (Release notes)

Resolved – Warning: Parameter 1 to icl_content_node_view

I have been working with a bunch of the language modules and I am now receiving this error on the main page of my quality environment. Eh, that’s why you have quality. Well, that’s really why you have a sandbox. but my sandbox really needs some help. Fortunately, I backed everything up before my last prod change, including quality. If I can’t fix it, I may roll back and punt.

Warning: Parameter 1 to icl_content_node_view() expected to be a reference, value given in module_invoke_all() (line 857 of/var/www/html/includes/

this is a known bug. and

Here is the actual patch procedure from hgneng. Big thanks for this; it worked perfectly.

I did have to install the app “patch” to use this proc. simple – yum install patch

Posted by hgneng on May 16, 2012 at 8:38am

The patch works for Drupal 7.14. Why not merge it to dev?

@tzanis how to install patch (for Linux user):
$ cd sites/all/modules/translation_management/icl_content
$ wget…
$ cp
$ patch -p1 -i translation_management-node-hooks-by-value.patch.txt

Multilingual Site Planning – Resources

Something that I suspected confirmed last night. If you’re planning to have a multilingual site, have a fresh site to work with and not one that has a bunch of content. Common sense, really. Found some good resources for this last night.

And, of course, the brilliant Ms Pol, who literally wrote the book on this subject.

Centos Dev Server up and running

Well, I have finally gotten my dev server up and running. now my dev matches prod. CentOS 6.3 is the choice by my provider, and now it is my choice as well.

there were some challenges getting centos to work with drupal but nothing too bad and it ended up taking about half a day.

CentOS 6.3, VMWare Player, Drupal

well, i am making progress and moving forward. I am now getting ready to start on my prod site. i still have a lot of learning left to do but i need to move forward with the real deal.

i have the best hosting provider there is – Blackmesh. they are based out of the DC area and they are really a top class act.

they run all their drupal stuff on centos. i have been using ubuntu desktop 12.04 for all my dev work so far but the time has come to go back to the command line and use the same OS for the sandbox that i will be using in prod.

so i’m learing linux commands again. no desktop to fall back on. i was an AIX admin years ago so this isn’t too bad. but it is new and therefore will warrant some space on this site.

centos has networking turned off by default. here is a good link about that.

make sure the the onboot option is set to yes. learn vi editor if you don’t know it. BTW, it sucks. but here is a link for its commands

then you can install the packages that you need. i also had some trouble getting centos installed on vmware player but i was able to work around them with some google searches. you need to get the centos iso minimal install file AND, when you create the vm, don’t install the os with the initial wizard, just choose don’t install os, then go back and do it. do specifiy in vmware that you will be using centos though.

Drupal, HTML, CSS, PHP and all that go with them.

I’m learning Drupal. And as I started taking notes on the things that I need to think about as I choose a theme, I thought, why do this in notepad.exe? I mean, i like notepad, but why not blog about it anyway? this way, I can have a place to sort out my thoughts on what i need to do and have a nice record of it for reference. Plus, I can write yet another blog, honing my skills at SEO in the process. this is gonna be bare bones. i’m not gonna worry much about images or punctuation too much. so here we go.