well i have been slacking on the blogs. but, i have been working, which is one of the reasons that I have been slacking so much. so. jscript is going really well. it is easy to focus on it because it’s actually pretty fun to me. and now, i have to start focusing on the design again. this seems to be a common thread to my ramblings. I do have a bunch of new resources about design that have proved to be really helpful:

Golden Ratio Typography

Color Scheme Designer 3

Learn Web Design, Web Development & More | Treehouse

25 Examples of Perfect Color Combinations in Web Design | Codrops

anyway, it’s onto the design stuff again and away from learning the coding stuff.

Javascript and such

well, i am focusing on three main areas right now.

  1. theming – specifically as it applies to docresource.org – css in particular.
  2. gimp – all the sites that i look at that i like have good graphics; they fit the theme
  3. programming – javascript, php and css. if i can master these then i am basically there.

so what is the hardest? i think that Gimp and the theming parts are at this point. so, i think that i have to learn gimp. and i have to have a mock up of the web site as an image in gimp. so i am going to spend a minimum of one hour per day on each area.

Javascript and CSS

well the js stuff is going pretty well. i’m now at the point where i want to apply some of my new knowledge to the site itself. so, i need to find the css for the pixture theme that i am using right now.  i think that i’ll start on that next.

the next things coming up are probably the same as the ones that i had in my last post. css, theming, development.




Learn to code for Drupal

well, i can’t even tell you how great http://www.w3schools.com is. if you want to learn how to code for drupal, or just for the web in general, this is a great, free, way to start. for drupal, take this track:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. PHP

there are awesome lessons at this site for free. and the best part about the site is the “try it now” feature, where you can test out the code examples and even change them around. really wonderful for a free site.