Quicktabs with CSS

Quicktabs is one of the best modules that I have found as far as getting a really nice, tabbed-style, JQuery layout. The mod comes with several different style, out of the box, and it wasn’t too hard to add some cool customizations via CSS. The bottom image is the way the Nav tab style looks out of the box. It gives a nice cle


an vertical set of links. But what I really wanted was to have images along with some text to make the menu look sharp. There are some files in the modules CSS folder that I overrode in the .info file. Some of the changes I was able to make in my own custom CSS file. There appear to be a few issues with the “active” LI items vs the non “active” items. But, i was able to get this to work without too many issues. VERY NICE MODULE.Image

Quicktabs – AJAX, Views and Panels

This module turned out to be a a real blessing for me. My site offers the ability to research news, court cases and legislation. As this content is viewed, my users are able to drag and drop links, text, pics, pretty much whatever and then save the node as a custom content type.

Originally, I was faced with the idea that each type of content was going to have a separate “Notes” area. This was OK but not ideal. Drupal users AJAX quite a bit so I started digging around and found Quicktabs. You can see from the ss below that this module allows you to place content in tabs areas for easy organization and quick access. It uses JQuery and AJAX (It also uses a non-ajax mode) to allow seemless loading of all sorts of content. For me, I really need to be able to display Views. This is not a problem and with the View that is being displayed enabled to use AJAX as well, allows for a really great way to see content without having to do page refreshes.

Quicktabs as an install base of over 35k so it is well-vetted. GREAT module.


JQuery Slideshow and Content Animation Effects – Using VIEWS!

I have been looking for a widget that will allow me to show pieces of content in a rotating slideshow. You see ’em all over the place and they look great. And, of course,

learn drupal views slide show

there is a module for that. The Views Slideshow module. This is a Jquery Cycle plugin based module that gives you all sorts of options.

When you install it, you will have an option in Views that will allow you to format the View as a Slideshow. There will then be other options available. The image here is a little coarse but it will give you an idea. Check this one out!

When I get mine implemented, I’ll repost and let you know how it went. But I did a little testing last night and it looks really easy.

Theme updates

well, i have made some progress. I believe that using an Omega based theme (omega subtheme) is a good way to go. there are a few things to look for in your choice.

  1. html5
  2. css3
  3. “responsive” theme, meaning it will work well with mobile and tablet. a must these days, if not the first requirement
  4. three column layout – google the “rule of threes” to see some cool design tips on what your eye wants
  5. 960 degrees. this will give you a lot of flexibility

since you are learning drupal, i believe that you have to accept the learning curve that goes with it. that means making a choice based on flexibility and not “out of the box” features. if you want “out of the box” go with some other CMS:¬†Wordpress or Joomla.

Learn CSS. If you are pretty good at IT anyway, you can learn CSS. i think this is the most important part that you can do.

Learn some Jscript and specifically learn some jquery and look for some free sites that will instruct you on how to integrate jquery with drupal. here is a good link –¬†http://drupal.org/node/1043920

Komodoedit is a good code editor for any of this stuff. and free.

Learn GIMP. it is tough. it’s a pain but it is free and it is worth it. look to youtube for some tutorials on how to use it.