Theme updates

well, i have made some progress. I believe that using an Omega based theme (omega subtheme) is a good way to go. there are a few things to look for in your choice.

  1. html5
  2. css3
  3. “responsive” theme, meaning it will work well with mobile and tablet. a must these days, if not the first requirement
  4. three column layout – google the “rule of threes” to see some cool design tips on what your eye wants
  5. 960 degrees. this will give you a lot of flexibility

since you are learning drupal, i believe that you have to accept the learning curve that goes with it. that means making a choice based on flexibility and not “out of the box” features. if you want “out of the box” go with some other CMS:¬†Wordpress or Joomla.

Learn CSS. If you are pretty good at IT anyway, you can learn CSS. i think this is the most important part that you can do.

Learn some Jscript and specifically learn some jquery and look for some free sites that will instruct you on how to integrate jquery with drupal. here is a good link –¬†

Komodoedit is a good code editor for any of this stuff. and free.

Learn GIMP. it is tough. it’s a pain but it is free and it is worth it. look to youtube for some tutorials on how to use it.

JS, CSS and more

Well, my slacking is going to end. by that i mean that i am going to actually get superfish to work on my drupal site tonight. and by slacking, i mean that i have been spending all my time working on the js and css stuff. which has been really fun and cool. here is a really good web site for css aspiritors.

20 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS

I hope that the link on this comes through ok. otherwise i am going to have to redo it. but. all things considered, the slog through the nexus of design>programming>form>function appears to be moving. even if it is moving in sort of strange spurts. ok. on to superfish. and i have been using komodoedit a lot. and that seems to be a pretty good program for something that is free. and even gimp is coming along although that one is really tough.