Me Alias Module and replacement pattern for the UID

Now that I can hide menu tabs, I need to be able to recreate what some of them do in the menus that I want them in. And the user edit menu tab is a good example. the path that is listed in the shortcut is /user/%/edit. but this relies on a function to get the uid in place of the %. So you can’t simply make a menu item that points that way. But, I found a great module called Me Aliases that allows you to use tokens in a very easy way. Just install the module and you can use the path alias of me to get the uid of the current user. So you can create a normal menu item that points to /user/me/edit and it will take that user to the edit section of the user’s account. VERY NICE. And easy. No configuration, just installation of the Token module. – this is another module that might provide similar functionality