Tokens in a menu – edit the current node without the edit tab

This is a really handy module for me.

what this allows me to do is use tokens in menu URLs. What this means is that I can create a simple URL that references content dynamically. and since it is a menu, I can easily place it with panels.

so, I have a URL whose relative path is


I place this on the node view variant page for my specific content type and I now have a movable link that will edit whatever node I am looking at. one link will allow me to edit any node.

the tabs from drupal will allow you to do this of course, but I hate the tabs because they always interfere with my CSS and I use Tab Tamer to hide them. But, I still need the functionality. and with this solution, i can style it pretty easily with css.


Advice about Menus

Menus in Drupal can be a little weird. Even with Nice Menus installed, the menu system often seems inflexible, rigid. I have frequently been tempted to create all my own menu items with paths entered manually. But that would be a big mistake. One really important tip is always to let Drupal create a menu item for you (on just about everything that you think you may want to have on a menu one day) and then assign the item to a “holding” parent menu, where it is available but “out of the way”. That way you can always go back and assign it someplace relevant to its function. And, the system will keep up with the path in case it changes, like a view that you change the path on long after its creation.

Menu Tabs – Tab Tamer

well, i am making progress on customizing my user profile pages. but one of the things that has been really tough has been the tabbed menu items on the user account pages. they aren’t a part of any menu that can be edited easily – not from Panels or from the Menu admin areas, which are already a little trying as it is. So I started to look to the page.tpl.php file for my theme. Since menu appearance is just that – appearance – they should be handled at the theme level. Here is a stackoverflow article about that concept.

But then I also found this – Tab Tamer! This is a really cool, pretty easy to use module that will allow you to Enable/Disable/Hide any and all tabbed menu items, including the ones on the user account page. Worth checking out.