Panels, Page Manager and more from

The folks at are really good and they have 50 minutes of free videos on panels. This is a good panel resource. Take some time and watch this if you want to have features like:

  • visibility based on login status, ie anonymous, authenticated. in other words, anonymous users can only see limited stuff but authenticated users get a lot more.
  • a drag and drop editor for the panels. which is being able to pick up sections of content and move them around with your mouse.

Very good. make sure to take a look if you don’t like the inflexibility of the themes and the way they display content. because one of the little things about native drupal is that it assumes that you want the same layout all the time. and unless you want to code everything, get around that using views and panels.

Error from CTools in Panels during preview

I got a bunch of errors from the preview feature of panels via page manager.

go to the ctool module dir from a terminal window and type –

curl | git apply

i had to install git to make this work (yum install git) and i received an error about an unexpected difference in file sizes but it looks like the patch worked. known issue. i wanted to document it because i’ll probably have to put this into prod as well as sand.

Views and Filter Criteria

The views module is one of the greatest strengths in Drupal. But it can be a little intimidating at first. And there isn’t enough documentation available online. but i need to learn it and use it. here is what i needed to do and how i did it.

I have 25 aggregator feeds. I categorize them periodically as they come in from newspapers all around the state. I needed a way to show only the “new” items. So I created a view.

To show only the ones from the current day I needed to create a filter. here is what it looks like


the only real problem that i had was how to set the operator. the – 24 hours means go back from the current system time 24 hours as a start point for the view. the operator tells the system to show timestamps of that or greater, which translates to closer to the current time.
Views is a great tool. You have to learn it to use Drupal effectively. Now i am going to learn how to integrate it with panels so I can have the maximum amount of flexibility in displaying my views.

Views, Panels and Blocks

I spent a good deal of time today tracking down a bug that occurred in my sandbox after adding the devel module when i ran cron.

“An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 500 Debugging information follows.” :-

i checked and reenabled a submod in sand that was still on in prod. the error went away. all i can tell you is have a testbed.

since i am adding content and working on layouts now, i have run into some of the limitiations of blocks. so, i’m working with views and learning how to display them in panels. looks like this is the route to take. will add more about this later