Drush Command Line Utility

Today I am installing the Drush command line utility. This utility is described as a sort of “swiss army knife” on Drupal.org and is one of those utilities that I probably should have installed a while ago. I will also install the Colorbox image gallery today and will need Drush in the course of that install. More on Colorbox later.

The easiest way to install (if you’re on a unix/linux system) is to use the commands listed here. You should read all of this anyway if you want to get info on Drush.

pear channel-discover pear.drush.org
pear install drush/drush

From the linux command line (Centos6) as root. I ran these commands and bam. Drush was installed. There are also instructions on how to do this on Windows too.

On my Sand/Quality environments, I had to install Pear too. Prod had it – Prod was built by my hosting company, Blackmesh.com. Here is the easy way I did it:

#yum install php-pear

Then, I was able to use the commands above.

**One note, there is a “module” listed for Drush even though it really isn’t a mod. And when I tried to install it I got an error about the .info file. **