Facebook login – read only access

There is no two ways about the fact that FB login is critical for me. No body wants more creds to remember on the internet. But I also want to take steps not to make it too easy for people to post when they might not really need to. and that will also help keep spammers away.

A FB user is an authenticated user by default. So what I have done is create a Role callled Content Creator (or whatever you want) that has more access. I have changed permissions on the four main content types that can be created by users on the site to reflect this.

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Research (a custom type)
  • Member Galleries (another custom type)

with the new Role, users can add to these types. But they have to apply for this additional status. There are many ways to do this and using Rules, I believe that it can be automated. I may do that eventually, but for now I am just allowing folks to send me a system message via Drupal asking for access. But this was a really easy way to grant a graduated level of access.

User Permissions

This is just another friendly reminder, for myself, mainly, to ALWAYS check the user permissions page as you add modules, content types and do general development of your site. There have been so many cases now where I find that a feature, or a combination of modules that comprises a functionality aren’t working properly because I don’t have the permissions set properly. Usually that the authenticated user role isn’t assigned whatever it is i am trying to do.

what this has led to is a search for a module that has the functionality that I think I need when all I really needed to was to set permissions. Just a part of the learning process!

Drupalchat – Completed

well, i have finally gotten what i need out of this. And I didn’t need the Flag and/or Flag Friend mods. The Drupalchat with User Relationships mods were all that i needed. Now, users can access the public chatroom. if they see a user they want to talk privately with, they can click that user’s name in the chat window. This will bring up some of the properties of the user’s account and there will also be a “relationship” button. they can click it, there is only one option, Friends, and when that user accepts, they will be on each other’s buddy list. this all works as designed but I didn’t have the permissions set up properly and the “relationship” button didn’t show up at first. By then I had already installed all the flag crap which didn’t do what I wanted anyway. but now, it is done and it works well.


I just want to state that as you go through enabling and configuring modules and their features, make sure to check the permissions on the People page, Permissions section. Even for admin privs. There have been several times when I think that something isn’t working correctly but it turns out that a permission that I assume should be granted by enabling the mod isn’t.

So always check permissions.