adding two new modules for multilingual capability

i have been thinking about using this blog as a change management record and am starting now. change management for production systems is critical in a biz environment. everybody like to cowboy their changes through because it is easy. but it will bite you sooner or later. or worse, bite your client. and when clients lose money, you will too. so, follow the BPs of change management and document your changes. i have a doc that we used at a client of mine where i worked for several years that I will use. but for now, i’m just going to post it. all my prod changes will be filed under the subject Production Change Request.

I plan on posting one of these whenever I make ANY change to the Prod server.

production change request:

  1. install entity translation module and title module on host
  2. installed in quality prior to prod
  3. also disabling: content translation, Multilingual content, Multilingual forum, Synchronize translations in prod and qual in order to pursue the entity translation method.

completed 1/19/13 – no issues

SSL on Production

I was able to install the SSL cert on prod in less than 5 minutes. that is the advantage of setting up a quality environment that truly matches prod; you can make the prod changes so easily and help keep your prod environment pristine.

now back to the multilingual stuff. i hate to get distracted but i really hate creds in clear text. ssl had to be done.

Production and Development, SSH, Quality and Testing

So I have my two environments up and running. What I need to do now is get them aligned so I can do proper testing in the dev environment before moving the files to prod with a minimum of trouble. So, I have my dev environment on a vm on my laptop. i can access prod from the laptop or desktop via the drupal web interface. I can also access it via SSH and aptana. that’s the way that i can upload the code to prod. but i need to be able to access the dev code consistently from the desktop (the vm is on the laptop and the files are too big to move around).

so i need to be able to access the laptop vm from the desktop. and since they (desk n vm) are on different networks i have to route packets from the vm network to the home wireless network. otherwise, i’m going to have to sync the code files from the desk to the lap, upload the files on the laptop to the vm for testing, then upload from desk to prod via ssh. i think that i might try to get SSH running on the vm centos install then make it accessible to the desk. that would also closely mimic prod. that’s the ticket.