Multilingual Translations – Update and Tip

This is actually turning out better than I expected. And one of the things that I have discovered is that the Translate Interface interface (as seen below) is the key. But also, that  you don’t have to have everything listed here translated for most sites. For example, i have found that about 33% of my Views being translated, as it shows here, is actually about right for my site. Much of what isn’t translated are system areas that my members will never see.


So, go through the interface from the perspective of the alt language user and find the text strings that need to be changed, do a Find on them in the interface, and then change them. Much will be case by case. But be flexible; you may decide to change more than you need at the time so that the future stuff will already be in place.

Multilingual Update

I have been working with the Multilingual stuff all day and I think I have it at a point where I’m OK with it. I simply needed to play around with the interface myself for a bit and get used to it. But I believe that I can say that it is the quirkiest part of Drupal that I have had to work with. But once I got a steady rhythm going I was able to knock out things pretty easily.

I also  enabled the session option for Multilingual and set its priority to first. That way, I can use Panels to add the Language Switcher Dropdown to the main page. So, with the language specified on the account settings and the dropdown enabled, spanish speakers will get spanish first with the option to change the language from the main page. English speakers get the same options.