User Permissions

This is just another friendly reminder, for myself, mainly, to ALWAYS check the user permissions page as you add modules, content types and do general development of your site. There have been so many cases now where I find that a feature, or a combination of modules that comprises a functionality aren’t working properly because I don’t have the permissions set properly. Usually that the authenticated user role isn’t assigned whatever it is i am trying to do.

what this has led to is a search for a module that has the functionality that I think I need when all I really needed to was to set permissions. Just a part of the learning process!

Prod error deleting user account

Getting this error when I deleted an account and put the content under the anonymous user.

Warning: Parameter 1 to page_title_user_cancel() expected to be a reference, value given in module_invoke_all() (line 857 of/var/www/html/includes/

I have deleted many account before but not where i have kept the content under anonymous. ill keep an eye on it.