Drupal and Media – Great new book

One of the biggest challenges Drupal presents is dealing with media files. Because of the open nature of the product, there is usually a lot of time needed to make something as simple as an image gallery. I spent many hours designing one myself using different image handlers, a custom content type, views and HTML entities that present


editing controls.

Packtpub.com has a great resource for those who are dealing with media files. I just picked it up but it looks like it is going to be a great resource for me. I specifically plan to use it for a video based help system for the website that I am currently working on. But check out the book at the link below.


Colorbox and Galleries

I hate to have to go back to this. I really do. But I have tried all sorts of different ways to approach images galleries and I believe that Colorbox is the best way to go. And I have tried other ways. Lord, have I! All the modules have good points and bad points and all of them are well put together but I believe that this is the best.

I found this three part series on Colorbox on Vimeo from FRJO, (Drupal Handle) the guy who wrote Colorbox. This is a good series and he does a fine job explaining the rather cryptic subject of creating image galleries in Drupal. Check it out at:


Also, make sure to check out part II of the series, which explains how to integrate the Insert module with Colorbox…