Rich Text Editors in Drupal

Ug. This has been a real pain. But I believe that I finally have things sorted out. To get CKEditor working, and I mean really working in Drupal, I uninstalled the WYSIWYG mod and started over.

  • I installed the actual CKEditor module from
  • I reinstalled the ckeditor library into sites/all/libraries
  • i changed the content types to use the new editor
  • i moved the iframe plugin library to the ckeditor/plugins folder
  • i enabled the now-present iframe option in the ckeditor setup

there were still errors present in the CKEditor version from WYSIWYG. i think that WYSIWYG just has issues. I’m sure that there are ways to work around them but this is working for me and there are no errors. Much Better.

CKEditor could not be detected – resolution

Well, I had trouble installing the CKEditor so I went with TinyMCE. But I began to get errors from that as well. And I don’t really like using a solution because I didn’t take the time to figure out what was wrong. So I went back and made CKEditor work. There is a patch for those of you using WYSIWYG 7.x-2.0 and CKEDITOR 7.x. You may receive an error that CKEditor cannot be detected.  This fixed it for me in sand and prod.

Here’s another Patch

Posted by sakseiw on December 5, 2012 at 1:50pm

In …/modules/wysiwyg/editors/ change line from function wysiwyg_ckeditor_version($editor)

if (preg_match(‘@version:'(?:CKEditor )?([d.]+)(?:.+revision:'([d]+))?@’, $line, $version)) {


if (preg_match(‘@version:”(?:CKEditor )?([d.]+)(?:.+revision:”([d]+))?@’, $line, $version)) {

This changes version number search from single quotes version: ‘4.0’ to double quotes version “4.0”

It worked for me on Drupal 7.17 and wysiwyg 7.x-2.2

Rich Text Editors

I have been struggling with CKEditor for hours now. I have it installed, I have it configured properly as far as I can tell but I couldn’t get it to work. So, I uninstalled it and installed WYSIWYG from This is really just a framework for managing the real editors. I then downloaded TinyMCE from this site. I then uploaded it to the libraries folder on my server and launched the WYSIWYG config again. The Tiny stuff was right there. So, forget CKEditor and go with Tiny.

CKEditor Module

I have decided to dump the route using WSIWYG API and the CKEditor library together. I really shouldn’t have posted so soon. I didn’t have all the info about the choice. Maybe I still don’t but I don’t think so. I have dumped the WYSIWYG module and downloaded the CKEditor Mod here. You still have to have the library. I actually tried to make the API work but kept receiving an error about the library not existing even when i know for a fact that I had it in the right location.

so i downloaded and installed it, leaving the CKEditor library in the same, correct place and it seems to be working properly.

BTW, the CKEditor is still the choice for drupal 8’s core editor.

WYSIWYG Module -with CKEditor as the library

I’m surprised at myself for this; that i waited this long.

I need to put a WYSIWYG editor in place. and the module to use is, WYSIWYG. Here is the link. it’s an API and you have to use a library to go along with it. that library for me will be CKEditor. Read the whole post: that’s what is going into drupal 8 core.

You’ll need an editor to allow your users an easier way to add html content. it has a sponsor in there is a link where you can make a donation to this group. drop by and give them a buck or two. they do good work.

I’m installing this in sand and will install it in prod later today. I’ll post some notes about it later.

back at this now. but I have concerns about these types of editors and mobile devices. and the download of the scripts that the editors require. doing more research…. – read this for a great view of the drupal 8 gurus on editors to replace textareas.

CKEditor Joins Drupal


Great news for CKEditor and its community: Drupal, one of the most used CMS platforms in the world,decided that CKEditor will be the editor included inside Drupal 8, which should be hitting the market by the end of 2013.

Panels, Page Manager and more from

The folks at are really good and they have 50 minutes of free videos on panels. This is a good panel resource. Take some time and watch this if you want to have features like:

  • visibility based on login status, ie anonymous, authenticated. in other words, anonymous users can only see limited stuff but authenticated users get a lot more.
  • a drag and drop editor for the panels. which is being able to pick up sections of content and move them around with your mouse.

Very good. make sure to take a look if you don’t like the inflexibility of the themes and the way they display content. because one of the little things about native drupal is that it assumes that you want the same layout all the time. and unless you want to code everything, get around that using views and panels.